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create import file
« Gepost op: juli 25, 2018, 14:46:17 pm »

The function for importing ebird data can also be used to upload your data from any other system.
Creating a csv file is always tricky due to format problems with numbers, data and time fields.
Make sure your file complies to the standards listed.

The ebird import file has 21 columns :
if you want to create a similar file to upload your data filed in another system.
Make sure you have the same number of colums. The column devider is ','
Columns in red must be filled
Submission ID   , can be any number,text. is used to make a record unigue together with species, date and your user id. You can use your own codes
Common Name   , not used
Scientific Name   , used to select the species in
Taxonomic Order, not used   
Count   , number of individuals
State/Province   , not used
County   , not used
Location   , not used
Latitude   , lat in decimal for example 52.0181171
Longitude   ,lon in decimal for example 4.3786526
Date  , used in format mm-dd-yyyy
Time   , used in format hh:mm AM or PM for example 01:00 PM
Protocol   , only used for ebird to create checklists for protocol 'eBird - Stationary Count'
Duration (Min)   , only used for ebird to create end time for checklists
All Obs Reported   , only used for ebird imports
Distance Traveled (km), not used   
Area Covered (ha) , not used   
Number of Observers   , not used
Breeding Code   , used see other table for possible codes
Species Comments   ,used in observation remarks
Checklist Comments   ,used in checklist comments if protocol =   'eBird - Stationary Count'     

An  example of the columns with the first row can be obtained from

Possible ebird breeding codes:
NY Nest with Young
NE Nest with Eggs
ON Occupied Nest
FL Recently Fledged young
FY Feeding Young
FS Carrying Fecal Sac
CF Carrying Food
UN Used Nest
DD Distraction Display
PE Brood Patch and Physiological Evidence
NB Nest Building
CN Carrying Nesting Material
B Wren/Woodpecker Nest Building
T Territory held for 7+ days
C Courtship Display or Copulation
N Visiting probable Nest site
A Agitated behavior
P Pair in Suitable Habitat
M Multiple (7+) singing males
S7 Singing Male Present 7+ Days
S Singing male
H In appropriate habitat
F Flyover
« Laatst bewerkt op: juli 25, 2018, 14:51:31 pm door hiskodevries »
Was getekend Hisko de Vries.

Wil je een fotovraag stellen op het forum lees dan dit eerst
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