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Identification: Fur Seals & Sea Lions


Hans Verdaat:
A folder about identification of Fur Seals & Sea Lions

Fur Seals & Sea Lions of the US West Coast:

Hans Verdaat:
A new book on the Australian Fur Seals and Sea Lion has been published in 2013  :duim:

Fur seals and sea lions - Roger Kirkwood and Simon Goldsworthy - 2013
'Fur seals and sea lions' outlines the comparative evolutionary ecology, biology, life-history, behaviour, conservation status, threats, history of human interactions and latest research on the three species of otariids that live in the waters of southern Australia: the Australian fur seal, New Zealand fur seal and Australian sea lion.
It also includes brief descriptions of Antarctic and Subantarctic seals that occupy the Antarctic pack-ice and remote Australian territories of Macquarie Island and Heard Island.


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