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Titel: woelratten systematiek vraagje
Bericht door: tekenaar op april 11, 2019, 21:46:25 pm
Ik heb in gedachten dat we in SloveniŽ Arvicola terrestris hebben maar in observado bestaat allene Arvicola sherman. Weet iemand hoe de systematoek van deze beestjes in elkaar zit en ontbreekt er wellicht een soort in observado?
Titel: Re: woelratten systematiek vraagje
Bericht door: Douwe van der Ploeg op april 11, 2019, 22:37:13 pm
Voor Observado volgen we in ieder geval IUCN, en die geeft terrestris niet als soort, met de volgende opmerking:

Linnaeus' amphibius and terrestris, both proposed in 1758 on the same page, are now considered conspecific by most researchers. As shown by Corbet (1978), amphibius has a priority over terrestris, based on Blasius (1857) as the first reviser. Recently, this species was split into A. amphibius and A. scherman (Panteleyev 2001, Wilson and Reeder 2005). Arvicola amphibius is larger, with shaggy pelage and ortodont incisors, and is associated with aquatic environment; A. scherman is smaller, with softer pelage, more reduced plantar and palmar tubercles, and the upper incisors strongly projecting forwards and has fossorial habits (Panteleyev 2001). Mitochondrial phylogeny based on sequences of 800 to 1,200 BP of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene suggests taxonomy of A. amphibius group to be more complex: three main groups were distinguished within A. amphibius: (1) strictly fossorial water voles from the mountain regions of Europe, (2) aquatic and transitional populations living south of the Alps, and (3) a heterogeneous group of the remaining aquatic populations (Wust Saucy 1998).