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Ik ben op zoek naar wat hulp zien Root vole (Noordse woelmuis) Microtus oeconomus toen ik een bezoek aan Nederland begin mei. Ik vroeg me af of er iemand zou zijn enige vangst op dit moment en ik zou kunnen zien een, enige hulp op prijs gesteld.

I am looking for some help seeing Root vole (Tundra vole) Microtus oeconomus when I visit the Netherlands in early May. I was wondering if anyone would be trapping any at this time and I could possibly see one. Any help appreciated.



This is a species which is difficult to see, in practice this means setting up many life-traps for a longer period of time (and several times/day checking of course). Also, the species is legally protected, so a permit is required for such an action. Not something to do "just to see or show the animals to a tourist".

I suggest that you consider / explain why it is so nessesary for you to see this species, and not to this forum, but to the specialists at the VZZ (society for mammalogy in the Netherlands), wich you can find at www.vzz.nl Maybe you are lucky and a researcher who is already trapping them for other reasons might consider making an exeption for you, any take you along. It probably also helps to tell something about who you are ...

But most Dutch (including mammalogists!) have never seen the species themselves ...
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