Florida (USA) Gull Conference - January 2010

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Mars Muusse

North American Gull Conference 2010
Nationally know gull experts Alvaro Jaramillo, Bruce Mactavish, and Martin Reid will join Paul Lehman, Clay Taylor, and Michael O'Brien for the 2010 North American Gull Conference. Field trip, lectures, and keynote addresses will explore many aspects of the world of gulls, and lots of opportunity to debate the fine points of gull ID, larophilia, its causes and its cures.
One of Florida's greatest bird spectacles takes place each winter on the beach at Daytona Beach Shores. Over 30,000 gulls gather each evening along several miles of beach. This is one of the largest, if not the largest, congregation of gulls on any beach in the United States. This amazing avian display has garnered national attention for its size and the diversity of gull species represented here. Observers can walk along the beach and approach the birds within meters, offering excellent opportunities for comparison and photography.
The Space Coast Birding and Nature Festival will host the 2010 North American Gull Conference (January 27 – February 1, 2010) as an important new addition to the festival that will draw the nation's leading gull experts, and gull watchers from throughout North America. The stunning spectacle of the gulls of Daytona Beach Shores will be a cornerstone of the North American Gull Conference, as well as other excellent gull-watching locations. Last winter the beaches at Daytona Beach Shores turned up Florida's first record of Vega Gull, as well as Glaucous, Kumlien's, Thayer's, California, Franklin's, possible European Herring Gull and Yellow-legged Gulls, as well as the regular American Herring, Ring-billed, Laughing, Bonaparte's, Great Black-Backed and Lesser Black-backed Gulls. In addition, several Nelson's Gull hybrids and a Lesser Black-backed x Herring Gull hybrid were found here. Who knows what else might turn up?

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