Solarcars participating in World Solar Challenge 2009 (WSC)

Gestart door Andre321, oktober 10, 2009, 16:49:10 PM

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Op deze site een overzicht van de tegenstanders die het nu makkelijk hebben omdat de Nuna5 gecrashed is...

Two weeks before the start of World Solar Challenge (or Global Green Challenge), the tension rises for the teams. Many teams have arrived in Darwin and others are coming soon. Some are finishing the car, some others have begun testing or just completed a long mock race. And at least one team just found out they have a wreck to work on, with a to-do list longer than ever. And of course everyone is counting off the days to the start. Read on for some recent news of the teams!


Umicore gecrashed
Aurora lekke band en spin
Nuon spin (?), lekke band en problemen met solarpanel.
Kortom..van de Top 5 hebben alleen Tokai (vorige keer voor Twente geeindigd) en  Michigan (vorige keer zwaar gecrashed) geen problemen.