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« Gepost op: juni 14, 2008, 22:04:09 pm »

vandaag verspreid via de internationale e-mail-cirkels

Hi everyone.

After asia-dragonfly and africa-dragonfly, we are proud to announce to you that is born. Eric Gibert and I have been working on this website, with help from Dennis Paulson. Like its sister websites, america-dragonfly is a photosite to which everyone can contribute its photos or check photos taken by others. The focus is on dragon- and damselflies from the neotropics: south-america, central america and the west-indies.

Knowledge of the neotropical odonata is growing every year, new species are described every year and many are probably still waiting to be discovered. For a majority of the neotropical species identification from photos alone is still difficult. Catching individuals is a necessity to clinch identification for the majority of species. and to rule out undescribed species. With this website we hope to make neotropical odonatology a bit more accessible. To make it easier to get an idea of what the different species look like and to share our experiences by exchanging photos of individuals in the wild or in the hand.

We ask all of you to upload good photos of neotropical dragons and damsels you have identified, to But also... don't hesitate to upload photos of species you haven't been able to identify (yet). Maybe other people can help you; maybe you can help others. Or maybe it will be possible to identify them later, as knowledge grows.

Please take a look at and add your photos!

Best wishes,

Johan van 't Bosch
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