Vogelgeluid (Germany <1km from Dutch boarder)

Gestart door Alohabirder, mei 17, 2024, 19:42:13 PM

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Hi Forum!

This concerns observation https://observation.org/observation/309189313/.

This was a short encounter and confuses me till now. This bird started singing suddenly from top region of pine trees, switched unnoticed to the other side of the path, continued singing for some seconds and was not noticed again afterwards. I only heard the bird and did not see it at all.

I had immediately an association with Wood Warbler (Fluiter) but the song did have the structure more of Bonellis Warbler (Bergfluiter). I think the sonogram also shows what I mean. The appearance is similar to Bonellis with the frequency of Wood?

Wood Warbler is not rare in this region and single Bonellis Warblers have also been observed singing in the last years in this region and also in De Meinweg/Limburg which is not far away.

I would be very glad to hear any opinion to this. Even if it shows I'm completely wrong and this was just another common (young) bird I haven't heard this way before.

Best regards, Achim

Please feel free to answer in Dutch, I understand Dutch pretty well, but find it hard to find the right words when writing.