forbid hiking trails existing since decades

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Like mentioned in my previous post and in both last posts from @mercantour, some private owners use a new law from 2023 to forbid hiking trails existing since decades, and never creating any issue by their diverse users. Reminder: 75% of the French forest is private. This can happen tomorrow to your beloved area or just around the corner.
EVEN IF YOU LEAVE abroad, this impacts you, because the concerned areas live partly from tourism (hikers, bikers, trailers, etc.).

=> Example1: in the National Natural Reserve "Hauts de Chartreuse" near Grenoble, 750 hectares are now strictly forbidden (owner: a marquis). The aim is to sell to hunting rights (10 000€/day/hunter), especially for Chamois.
Video here (careful, it's harsh):
One of the aims of a "National Natural Reserve" is to build awareness for nature protection among a very large public ...

=> Example 2: in the backcountry of Nice/Cannes, French Riviera, 90% of the natural areas of the municipality of Villeneuve-Loubet belong to one owner (another marquis). Now his 700ha are forbidden, private guards make pay a fine of 135€ to anybody walking or running there. What local people did during decades without any problem.

=> Example3: in the Natural Regional Parc "Ballons des Vosges", south-west from Strasbourg, near Germany & Switzerland, a forest company, near owner forbids their new acquisition (65ha of forests with two historical hiking trails. Making old people, who walked there as kids, with their own grand-parents cry. To make things clear, the trail & trees have been ruined (please scroll down, right side):
The aim is again the very lucrative hunting right. Will the Vosges Chamois have the same sad future as the ones in the Chartreuse?

To avoid that this trend spreads like a pest, and these cases become a case law, a national NGO has been created
With the support of well-known NGOs, like the Petzl Foundation, Mountain Wilderness, France Nature Environment, etc.

The ultimate target is to modify this law asap. If you feel concerned, you can help by SIGNING & DIFFUSING THE PETITIONS. People from Germany, Switzerland, even California have already signed (they know and/or visited the concerned areas):