cf. Xiphoceriana atrox, but not a convincing match.

Gestart door jvogels, augustus 14, 2021, 08:29:11 AM

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This is as close as a match i could find on the internet. Pretty sure it is a member of Pamphagidae, and this genus seems to match best. On a species level though, i'm not convinced at all that the Id is correct. Any help or suggestions is appreciated.

1 Xiphoceriana atrox imago
datum: 2007-08-05
locatie: Tanzania - Kibaha (TZ)



Probably in this work, if anyone owns this book, he/she would be able to help with the ID  :rolleyes:

Rowell, C. H. F., Hemp, C., Harvey, A. W. (2015): Jago´s Grasshoppers of East and North East Africa. Volume 1: Pneumoridae, Pyrgomorphidae, Lentulidae, Pamphagidae and Dericorythidae. Blurb Publishers. ISBN 978-1-32-046414-7.