Odsidentify and lots of options for Cepaea nemoralis

Gestart door Nerissa, juni 04, 2021, 16:06:34 PM

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I'm a newbie here, so hello everyone and thanks for all your works. Feel free to tell me if I do or ask something stupid  :blink:
This question ist about Obsidentify and snails..hope this is the right board for it.
I habe a problem when I try to identify a Cepaea nemoralis with Obsidenty (Apart from the discussion about telling apart nemoralis from hortensis (now I try to focus on the dark outer edge (gebogenet, dunkler Mundsaum)).
When it comes to nemoralis, Obsidentify gives me 5 options:
- Cepaea nemoralis forma P (12)3(4)
- Cepaea nemoralis forma P00 (345)
- Cepaea nemoralis forma P003 (45)
- Cepaea spec.
- Hain-Bänderschnecke (Cepaea nemoralis)

The first three are the options with the highest rates, but are stated as "not existing". Maybe a simplification is possible here?


Yes, when the European nia version is generated these forma will not be available.
Was getekend Hisko de Vries.

Wil je een fotovraag stellen op het forum lees dan dit eerst https://forum.waarneming.nl/smf/index.php?topic=452369.0