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Tuberculina maxima??
« Gepost op: mei 16, 2020, 18:13:54 pm »

Hey Julia,

I found a Tuberculina species on Puccinia punctiformis on Cirsium arvense. On that host I assumed it would be T. persicina.

I checked it microscopically and I  noticed immediately that the size of the conidia didn't fit for T. persicina. The specimen possed much larger conidia, the size was  11-15 Ám. This fits for T. maxima.
I double checked the materiaal, taking samples of sori present on several leafs, all of them had such larger conidia.
Photos in attachtment.

According to Klenke and Scholler:
Size condiospores: 10 -14 Ám on Cronartium, Gymnosporangium: T. maxima
Size condiospores: 7-8 (10) Ám: T. persicina on several rusts

Do you have info of observations of T. maxima on Puccinia species?
Can you confirme the determination?

Best regards,

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