Sibbling species

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Some species cannot be seperated in the field or from photo, but only via genital or DNA research. Typical examples are Pyrgus malvae/malvoides and Zerynthia polyxena/cassandra. Often they used to be one species, and based on research recently got split up. And in some cases there is an overlap zone, where we simply don't know which of the species occurs there. The validators will slowly work their way through these sibbling species.

The first group is Pyrgus malvae/malvoides. If your observation is in the wrong zone (with the present knowledge), an admin will change the name either to one of the two species or to the mix species in the overlap zone. You will receive a comment. This will only apply to observations with a photo.
Further down a map with the overlap zone. North of this zone the species is P malvae, south it is P malvoides.

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