Common buzzard or long-legged

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I hope it is ok to write in English here. I observed an unusual buzzard at Lauwersmeer in October. During the observation I was quite convinced that it was not a common buzzard. I failed to determine it to a certain species and reported it as unsure Long-legged buzzard. Since there was no correction or any other feedback till now, I would like to ask here for another opinion. In the meantime I guess it is rather a common buzzard than a Long-legged, but I'm still not 100% sure.

Any feedback is welcome also in Dutch (I can read Dutch, but I am to shy to write).

Groetjes, Achim

Guus Peterse

Guus Peterse

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Olivier Olyslaegers

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Thanks a lot for your input. That confirms my opinion. I will change the observation to common buzzard.

Best regards, Achim