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Gestart door SylvainA, december 18, 2019, 10:45:39 AM

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I have a question about the following problem : my tablet/pad I was using for obsmapp in the field this summer got smashed. The screen is not working any more, hence I can't launch obsmapp to upload the data to observation.org. But when the tablet is connected to a computer, I can find and copy all the files in the folder org.obsmapp.
So my question : can I copy some of thoses files on my smartphone so that the data from my tablet appear in obsmapp in my smartphone to be able to upload them to observation.org ? Or can I open some of thoses files to retrieve the datas otherwise ?

Thank's in advance for your answer.

Sylvain Allombert

Alex Kwak

Hi Sylvain,

Probably you can! See: https://forum.waarneming.nl/smf/index.php?topic=219901.msg1432878#msg1432878
If Google Translate is not helping you enough or you have other difficulties restoring your data, please contact me al info@alexkwak.nl

Alex Kwak, medewerker Zostera/Observation International, ontwikkelaar ObsMapp
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