Validation European butterfly records

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Observations on are being validated by a small team of butterfly experts from all over Europe. We try to validate as much as possible, but usually more comes in than we can validate. We follow the following procedure:

  • We try to check all photos. If the photo is wrong and we think we know what the species is, you will get a comment. If the photo is unclear or it we are not sure what species is shows, we will put the observation on the status 'uncertain, cannot be validated yet'.
  • Part of the observations without photo can be automatically validated, if two or more photos of the species have been made in the neighbourhood.
  • Most of the other observations without photo are not validated, as this should be done by a local butterfly expert.
  • However very obvious mistakes (e.g. an Alpine butterfly in Denmark) can be commented on.
  • In some cases we can propose to put an observation under a complex, e.g. Leptidea sinapis/juvernica. Of course it is possible that it get validated later by another or a local expert.

Finally: at each observation there is a button to report the observation if you spot a mistake. That way you can attend a validator to that observation. Good to know that the validators cannot respond to the person who attended us, but only give comments to the recorder.
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