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I have a few observations (made in Belgium) of fairly common species (Chiffchaff,...) for which the only document available is a recorded sound. So far, none of them has been validated. Is this generally expected?

The one I am most interested in is actually for a Nightingale observed in Harchies on 23 May (pasted below) - mostly because the sound recording was made by a visiting UK colleague that I had taken along there for a quick tour of the reserve. I would be so happy to show him the link to an accordingly validated observation...

Thank you for the feedback - and possibly for the identification pasted below?


I would like to know which species this is
It concerns this observation
Rossignol philomèle - Luscinia megarhynchos observed at 2019-05-23 Marais d'Harchies - Prairies Vandenbussche
thanks in advance Didier Chalon


Citaat van: dchalon op juni 16, 2019, 20:45:41 PMSo far, none of them has been validated. Is this generally expected?

Yes, more or less. There is a forum topic about this issue; it's in Dutch, but the Google-translated version (at least into English) is very readable.

Bottom line is that times-to-validation may vary because the validators are volunteers. In practice, this means that when you enter an observation during a time people tend to be on holiday or otherwise busy, validation may take a while. Especially when you enter an observation that is in no way out of the ordinary, the urgency to validate isn't high. If nightingales are usually present where and when you recorded this specimen, it may not be very high on the priority list.

FWIW, I don't think anyone will dispute it's a nightingale on the recording, so just be patient and validation will eventually happen. Of course if rapid validation is important to you, you can always force things by entering it as a slender-billed curlew or some other extremely improbable species; undoubtedly an army of validators will correct you within minutes and then validate it as a nightingale;).
Met vriendelijke groet, Zainal


Thank you for the clarification and for the link to the related post.  :duim:

There is no urgency here indeed, so I will rather wait a bit than risk causing a series of heart attacks amongst hopeful fellow birders by entering this kind of mythical species just to speed up validation.   :angel: