Stenobothrus nymph?

Gestart door DJHiker, augustus 17, 2017, 14:07:57 PM

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I would like to know which species this is
It concerns this observation
identification uncertain Stenobothrus spec. observed at 2017-07-10 Greece - Central Macedonia - Mt. Pangeo

thanks in advance David Kohl
David Kohl


Euchorthippus nymph: declivus, maybe. Not sure about the distributio of this one and of pulvinatus.
Paul Veenvliet
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I found several articles and publications that state the presence of E. declivus in the eastern part of Greek Macedonia. Regarding the distribution of E. pulvinatus in the region the information is rather scarce. One source states that it is rare in the (nearby) Bulgarian/Greek Rhodope mountains. So, distribution-wise, declivus seems more likely → cf. declivus.
David Kohl