helpen met deze klamboe

Gestart door edurodrodbio, februari 28, 2017, 20:05:38 PM

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I would like to know which species this is
It concerns this observation
Mosquitero sin identificar - Phylloscopus spec. observed at 2017-02-28 Spain - Charco de la Pava

thanks in advance Eduardo José Rodríguez Rodríguez


Hi Eduardo, I would say this is a Common Chiffchaff.

By the way, there aren't many reading this part of the forum. More people will see your post, if you post here:

For gulls (Meeuwen) here:

Ps. I guess the dutch word "klamboe" translates to Spanish as "Mosquitero" but klamboe actually means "mosquito net" in English. :blink: The word you are looking for is "zangvogel".

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