fresh damsel Thailand

Gestart door DJHiker, februari 17, 2016, 18:01:03 PM

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I would like to know which species this is
It concerns this observation
identification uncertain Unidentified Damselfly - Zygoptera spec. observed at 2016-01-29 Thailand - Kanchanaburi

Looks like a very young adult.
Location: large pond with still water.
Imago present at the same spot: Ischnura senegalensis, but there were other species as well, which I can't remember.

thanks in advance David Kohl
David Kohl


Looking at the pterostigma in the last picture, it might be Ischnura, but it's difficult to see. I am not so sure.


Yes, the pictures that I have found of fresh Ischnura senegalensis adults look similar, but that may be true for other (Ischnura) species as well.
Until it appears otherwise, I think I will file it as an uncertain Ischnura sp. fresh imago.
Thanks for your reply.
David Kohl