Indothemus sp.? Sri Lanka

Gestart door DJHiker, augustus 21, 2014, 19:37:25 PM

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I would like to know which species this is
It concerns this sighting
identification uncertain Unidentified Dragonfly - Anisoptera spec. observed at 2013-01-21 Sri Lanka - Polonnaruwa

Indothemus carnatica or  I. limbata or maybe Orthetrum luzonicum?
Imo none of them appears to be a perfect match.

thanks in advance David Kohl
David Kohl


That I. carnatica looks very good, the others not.
Groeten, Weia
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The reason I rejected I. carnatica is because of the black face. To me the one in my photo looks rather blue, like I. limbata. But maybe the color impression is affected by lighting.
David Kohl


I agree with Weia: it is an Indothemis carnatica.
In Sri Lanka this species is called Light-tipped Demon, and you can tell why: the light yellow appendages and an otherwise dark body.
Indothemis limbata has dark appendages and distinct dark brown markings at the wing base.
Groet, Ria Vogels


Fine, as you all seem to agree, I removed the uncertain tag.
David Kohl