Who has ringed Black-Headed Gull White[S39]?

Gestart door batsvensson, januari 04, 2014, 19:56:12 PM

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I spotted a ringed Blacked-Headed Gull today: white S39.
Who is this gull ringed by?

Jeroen Nagtegaal

First by Frank Majoor with only metal and a colourring is added in Denmark by Kjeld. You can send it to Kjeld, with Frank in the CC. Kjed's adress is ktpedersen@snm.ku.dk, for Frank you can use f.majoor5@upcmail.nl
Groet, Jeroen Nagtegaal
Moderator subforum Ringen

Een geringde vogel gezien of gevonden.
Meld het hier of mail naar ringonderzoek@gmail.com


Thanks Jeroen,

I sent it to Frank already with my other observations which I know from before is ringed by Frank.