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Auteur Topic: OProep tot het plaatsen van foto`s t.b.v IUCN  (gelezen 321 keer)

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OProep tot het plaatsen van foto`s t.b.v IUCN
« Gepost op: november 16, 2012, 15:12:39 pm »

Dear All
I am writing to you because we face a constant problem of sourcing images – whether they are for specific products, like the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species or the Amazing Species website, for the media, or for publications – and so we are striving to build up an SSC library especially for those taxonomic groups where images are severely lacking. We have an immediate need to collect images covering many more species because we are launching a new popular interface for the IUCN Red List website in early December. We shall send you more information on this exciting development soon – but in a nutshell visitors to the Red List site will be given the choice of visiting either the popular or the scientific interface.
Currently we have images for an estimated 4,400 species out of the 65,518 species currently on The IUCN Red List – a very low percentage! The success and user satisfaction of the new popular site will be highly dependent on gathering imagery from a larger number of species. I am therefore writing to all SSC Specialist Group and Task Force Chairs and Red List Authority Coordinators to ask if you would be willing to allow us to use some of your images of species. I fully appreciate that you already assist us hugely in many ways, and I apologize for sending yet another request to you for assistance. However, if you are able to help, we would be extremely grateful as it will greatly improve the user experience of both the popular and scientific interfaces of the Red List website.
Whilst our priority is to get images for as many species as possible, it would also be good to have multiple images of species, so we will be most grateful for anything that you might be able to send (see below for specific requirements).
Obviously, the rights to the photos remain with the photographer, and so we request that you are specific about your permission for how we may use any photos that you provide. The attached image copyright permission form should be completed to clarify this - you will see on this form you can choose to provide the images just for the Red List website, or also for other uses such as in IUCN publications, press releases, etc. All photos displayed on the website will be credited to the copyright holder, so please be clear on the copyright name you wish to be used.
All photos will be resized to a low resolution (480x1200 pixels) before appearing on both interfaces of the Red List and will be watermarked with the copyright.
Important Information on Images and Uploading
A summary of image requirements plus details of the site where you can upload images to is as follows:
Image requirements:
·         Image size

o   for landscape images between 640 and 1000 pixels in width

o   for portrait images between 480 and 1000 pixels in width

·         Image format – jpg, gif or pngs all accepted (SIS and Skydrive)


·         Species scientific name (and common name if known) and photographer’s name to be included in the file name e.g.   Panthera leo_Lion_Craig Hilton-Taylor     

For those of you that have access to the Species Information Service (SIS), this is the most efficient way for us to receive your images. When you upload your images please complete the fields which request permission for use. To upload images in SIS, this is what you need to do:
- search for the species for which you want to upload the photo
- click on the taxon name on the left hand side of SIS (the taxon name is in Red)
- if there is no photo, there will be a message saying 'no photo available', else there will a thumbnail of the primary photo available.
- to upload a photo, just click on either the photo or the message 'no photo available', which will give you a pop-up
- the pop-up allows you to 'Attach New Image' - once you have attached an image, please make sure to edit the details to enter things like captions, credits and permissions.
If you are not able to put the image directly into SIS, then please upload onto the site below, rather than sending via email.
Site to upload images to:
username :
password: discovery1
This site is easy to use.  Some folders have already been created e.g. mammals, birds etc. which can be used if you just have mammal images to upload for example.  However, if you have a range of images and you don’t have time to put them into specific folders you can create your own folder/s e.g. by photographers name, your name etc. PLEASE NOTE: it is critical that the images are named correctly - the file name of each image must include  – species scientific and  common name (if known)  and the photographer name e.g.   Panthera leo_Lion_Craig Hilton Taylor (do not use symbols such as © or commas, & etc).  If you want to upload multiple images at once, save them to a zip file and then upload the zip file. Contact details for the photographer are to be included on the Image Permissions form and these completed forms can be uploaded on this website also. 
Please remember that even if you only a small number of images, they are all of value to enhance the Red List. We greatly appreciate your time and effort in assisting with this request, the power of imagery is something that can never be underestimated and this will become a wonderful resource to help make the IUCN Red List a very powerful communication tool. I would also be grateful if you could circulate this request to the members of your Specialist Group / Task Force / Red List Authority.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
We would very much appreciate your photos as soon as you are able to send them to us. However, in order to be included in the launch of the popular website, we would be extremely grateful to have them no later than 30 November.
Best wishes and my sincere apologies for such a lengthy email!
Rachel Roberts
SSC Network Coordination Officer
IUCN Species Survival Commission
7-9 North Parade Buildings
Office phone:  +44 (0) 1225 326 897
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