pijlstaart x tafeleend

Gestart door laatvlieger, februari 25, 2007, 20:57:42 PM

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Dit zou een pijlstaart x tafeleend zijn, ik heb er nog niet heel goed naar gekeken, maar vond hem wel interessant om hem hier ook maar even te posten

Wouter Teunissen

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Hi Wouter,

it might be that hybrid, but the odd brownish flank touch and not black rear end  lets me think of involvement of another Anas species ,maybe whitecheeked pintail....
However,  Aythya x Anas seem to be notoriously difficult...I think a DNA Analysis would be best for ID with these...

But maybe in this case a few more photos would help... I already tried to send an email to the photographer, but I only get a delivery failure....

Here is another threat on an Aythya x Anas with links to some other.....

Jörn Lehmhus