Hybrid Zwarte Zwaan x KnobbelZwaan

Gestart door Alcedo atthis, februari 23, 2007, 14:05:45 PM

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Alcedo atthis

Jörn Lehmhus


I didn't even know these existed.... As normally I don't pay much attention to black swans, I probably wouldn't even realize it was a hybrid.

The phot is also on this website, by the way


There is an observation in "our" database as well. Since they are very closely related it is not surprising that they hybridise (heck, there are even hybrids between mute swan and domestic geese recorded!), but this is the first photo that I see.

edit: I just noted that the observation on "our database" is the same!
Paul Veenvliet
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Er zijn inmiddels nog wat foto´s door Rick toegevoegd.  

Wouter Teunissen

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Alcedo atthis

Great, thanks !

And Thanks to Rick for sharing these photos!
Jörn Lehmhus

Rick van der Weijde

Rick van der Weijde
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