Emperor x Bar-headed goose

Gestart door Alcedo atthis, februari 22, 2007, 12:31:28 PM

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Alcedo atthis


Hi,I think what we have here is an Emperor x Bar headed Goose (Anser canagicus x indicus), no Anser caerulescens involved...

Jörn Lehmhus


Difficult to say, at least there's Bar headed goose Anser indicus involved.

Moeilijk te zeggen wat de andere ouder is, maar er zit hier in ieder geval indische gans in.  

Wouter Teunissen

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Alcedo atthis

Hi ,

I attached the picture showing the features which are good for Emperor hybrid and two links to a Danish hybrid of Barheaded x Snow goose:



All Barheaded x Snow goose I have seen up to now did not show clean borders in the black and white pattern on the neck (Whereas all probable Barheaded x Emperor Goose hybrids did - 5 different birds); and also the snow x barhead I have seen photos so far all showed a clear grin patch like snow goose (4 different birds). In Emperorx barhead the grinpatch was not that clear, and in some even absent. In the bird in question here a black grin patch is also not fully developed, I think. One of the main points indicating to emperor is some dark feathering on the white below the tail...  

That is why I think Emperor x Barheaded Goose also for this one...

Best Regards,

Jörn Lehmhus

Jos Welbedacht

I think you're right, but te bird seemed an escape when I saw him.
He was all alone in April, so I suppose it's from a farmer or something.
Jos Welbedacht, Groningen
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