lesje anatomie uit 1916 van Schmidt

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Gert Veurink

tip van Odonata-I van Dirk Gassman en Matti Hamalainen:

Dear Dirk and others,
Best thanks to Dirk for sending the scanned figures from the paper by Schmidt.
It is easiest to read the text online at
  Schmidt's paper is on pages 87-200.  The figures and figure legends can be seen at the end of the whole issue after the page 630. However, it is easier to consult the figures (added with scientific names)  from the file sent by Dirk.
Best wishes,

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From: Dirk Gassmann

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Subject: [Odonata-l] Odonata-L: Scans of E. Schmidt's (1915) plates

Dear Jessica, Dennis, Angelo, Fred, Bill (and other interested odonatologists),
herewith, I send the scans of Schmidt's plates which apparently had not been included in the pdf
of the paper which can be accessed online (thanks to Angelo for forwarding the following link):

You find the scans of the plates as an attachment to this mail. Schmidt was working with transparencies
which are laid on the drawings. I have scanned the plates both with and without the transparencies.
Hope this is of interest.
With best wishes,


Gert Veurink