European Congress on Odonatology 2012 (Servie)

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Hieronder de eerste aankonding van het Europese libellencongres wat in 2012 in Servie wordt gehouden. Het congres in Portugal (2010) was erg leuk en goeden ik denk dat deze net zo leuk wordt.


European Congress on Odonatology 2012 ..
The First Announcement

Dear Colleagues,

The Natural History Museum in Belgrade and The Entomological Society of Serbia are pleased to announce that European Congress on Odonatology (ECOO) 2012 will take place in Belgrade (Serbia) on July 2-6th 2012.

Congress in Belgrade will be the second in the row of gatherings dedicated to exchange and spread of knowledge on Western Palaearctic Odonata. The first European Congress on Odonatology was held on the western edge of Europe, in Porto (Portugal) in 2010. This time we will meet on the Southeast of European continent, on the border between Balkan Peninsula and Pannonian plains. Lectures and presentations on different topics preferably connected with W Palaearctic Odonata are welcomed. We would like to encourage early submissions of themes/abstracts of your lectures in order to prepare seminars. Participation of students in work of the Congress is one of the missions of ECOOs.

During the Congress week we plan to organize an Odonatological book fair (OBF) in order to ease access to contemporary literature and to promote publications of general, regional and local importance. In that spirit we would like to ask you to join this initiative by bringing your own publications or publications available in your country. Thank you in advance. ECOO 2012 will be followed by field excursions to different parts of Balkans and southern Pannonia.

Sharing these informations with your colleagues and friends would greatly improve our common efforts to associate people with interest in Odonata. We hope to hear from you soon.

See you in Belgrade! Milos Jovic

Organization committee of the European Congress on Odonatology 2012 Belgrade, Serbia ecoo2012@nhmbeo.rs