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Titel: Carex Europaea, volume 1, edition 3
Bericht door: Jacob Koopman op mei 10, 2021, 14:46:42 pm
The third, fully updated edition of Carex Europaea, volume 1, will most likely be published in November 2021. This book focuses on all Carex taxa (species, subspecies and varieties) in Europe, as well as all Carex hybrids. Furthermore, a map of Europe with the distribution is presented of all taxa and hybrids. At the back of the book more than 550 very high quality colour photos of some 160 species can be found. Interested parties can pre-order the book with a significant discount; see attached flyer. The book can be ordered simply by filling in the order form on the flyer and then sending it to Margraf Publishers in Weikersheim, Germany. For questions, please contact the author, Jacob Koopman: jackoopman@e-cho.pl.