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Titel: Nieuw subforum / new child board
Bericht door: Arp op april 10, 2012, 10:58:41 am
Naar aanleiding van een vraag op het hoofdforum voor kevers is nu dit subforum voor "buitenlandse" beesten ingericht. In de loop van de avond zal ik een beginnetje maken om oude onderwerpen ook hier onder te brengen.

Welcome to the new board for "foreign" beetles (outside of the Netherlands and Belgium).

This is where you can create topics concerning your beetles for observado.org. Please feel free to use Dutch, English, French or German (these languages are taught in Dutch schools and we should have plenty of people on the forum who can understand (or even translate?) your question or request. Your mileage may vary with other languages ;)

Always make sure you clearly indicate where and when the beetle was seen/photographed. Preferably enter the observation on observado.org first (using "Beetle indet." or some such) and then create a topic with the code provided in the menu option "Request identification via forum" with your observation.

Have fun :)